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No hot water (or heating)

No hot water (or heating)

Even in summer months there can be the odd chilly evening when your boiler should fire to heat your home. But most summer boiler issues are usually found when there is no hot water. This issue can be caused by anything from faulty valves, broken diaphragms and airlocks, to low pressure or a broken thermostat. Some of these are easier to fix than others.

The most common is low pressure, you should check your pressure gauge to see if it is below 1.  If it is, it may need repressurising. An alternative issue can be with your thermostat, check the device’s manufacturer guide for a possible solution and also check the batteries!

Issues such as a broken motorised valve or faulty diaphragm will need the help of a professional. If none of these suggestions help, we advise that you get in touch with us.

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Combi gas boilers have a pressure gauge. Ideally, your boiler’s pressure should be reading 1.5 bar. If it is below your boiler will not be able to function properly. Low boiler pressure can be caused by issues such as a system leak, recently bled radiators or a failed component or seal. Check if you can find a water leak around your home. A small leak at the base of a radiator can drain away pressure over a number of weeks. If you discover a water leak, we recommend that you contact us as registered Gas Safe engineers. So we can safely put this right for you.

If you do not locate a leak, you can try repressurising your boiler. ( do you want links to the major manufacturers here ?)


A boiler leak is usually caused by corrosion of an older boiler part or could be linked to having over pressurised your boiler system. If you have recently repressurised your system, you may need our assistance to bring it back down

A leak around a pipe could be caused by corrosion. We recommend that you consult with one of our trained engineers to help identify and fix this issue. If the leak is caused by a particularly serious fault, your engineer may recommend that you get a new boiler installed.

Boiler not responding to thermostat

Sometimes the simplest solution is new batteries for your Thermostat. or have the clocks gone backwards or forwards recently? Most thermostats are now wifi so you could also try positioning the thermostat closer to the boiler and check for any interference. If the problem with your thermostat persists, get in contact with us for more information.

Whistling, banging or noises coming from your boiler

Boilers do make some noise as they start to warm up, especially when it’s firing up. However, if your boiler suddenly begins to make unusual banging or whistling noises, we recommend getting in touch with us to investigate further.

Boiler noise can be caused by air in the system, a faulty pump, low water pressure or even a build-up of limescale known as “kettling.” it will need some investigation to find out which is the issue.

Pilot light keeps switching off

Older boilers may have a permanent pilot light. A small blue flame which you can see through a window at the base of the boiler. This needs to stay lit in order to light the larger burner within your boiler. If this light keeps going out there could be a faulty thermocouple that is cutting off the gas supply.

If you have gas still coming to your Kitchen cooker then you could try to reignite the boiler pilot light yourself. Your boiler manual will explain how to do this. Or contact us as Gas Safe registered engineers to help solve this issue.

This fault is more common with older boilers and is seen less and less now. If the issue with your pilot light persists, it may be worth getting a new efficient boiler installed.

Boiler won’t turn on (no power)

Are you experiencing a power cut? Check lights around your house and then your fuse box to see if any switches have failed or tripped. If this does not resolve the issue then recommend getting in touch us and we will investigate this.

Some boilers turn on but then keeps going off, the pressure could be low or there could be a blockage which is tripping the safety features of the Boiler. Check your boiler’s pressure gauge and repressurise the boiler if it is set below 1 bar, or contact us for more help.

Boiler breakdown

Most boilers will give off grumbling sounds or pressure warnings when they're in trouble. If ignored any of the above issues can eventually lead to a boiler breakdown. Act early and avoid the chaos a broken boiler can create.

If you have an older boiler with a separate water heater or water tank, then you may find moving to a modern gas combi boiler helps to stop your family running out of hot shower water.

Please remember your boiler is powered by Gas. It is very important that major repairs are carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, All our Gas Safe Engineers are trained and have passed exams to keep you and your family safe. You can check their registration with ********

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