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General plumbing issue
Bathroom is leaking
General toilet issue
General tap issue
Shower needs replacing
Dripping tap
Shower is leaking from the drain
Leaking water pipe
Sink leaking from water pipes
Electric shower is leaking
Electric shower pressure is low
General shower issue
Shower needs installing
External drain is leaking (above ground)
Sink is leaking from the drain
Bath is leaking from the drain
General electrics job
General rewiring issue
Electric shower is tripping
Electric shower isn't working
Electric shower needs installing
Electrical installation condition report is needed (EICR)
General outdoor socket issue
Outdoor socket needs installing
Smart doorbell needs installing
Gas safety certificate (CP12)
Landlord gas safety certificate (LGSR)
Need a boiler service certificate
Fuse box needs inspection
External drain needs CCTV inspection
External drain smells
Blocked external drain
Drain needs reconnecting to drain pipe
General drains job
Blocked sink
Bath is blocked
Blocked toilet
Toilet making a noise
Sink that is draining slowly
Powerflush the heating system
Boiler needs a service
Boiler isn't working
Boiler isn't heating radiators
General heating job
Boiler isn't heating water
General boiler issue
Boiler is making a noise
Boiler is displaying a fault code
Boiler flue issue
Boiler isnt working
No hot water
Boiler isnt heating water
Boiler keeps cutting out
Boiler flue needs sealing
Boiler is leaking
Boiler parts need replacing
Smart video doorbell needs installing
Smart security camera needs installing
Fuse box isn't working
Smart thermostat needs installing
Dripping wet wall or ceiling
Outside tap is dripping
Overflow pipe is dripping
Bath tap is leaking
Leaking radiator
Hot water tank isn't heating
Hot water tank quickly runs out
General hot water tank issue
Hot water tank needs replacing
Electric shower has no hot water
Radiators are not heating up
Boiler isn't heating water
Fluctuating water temperature
Rewiring required
Portable appliance test (PAT)
Pipe needs reconnecting
Waste pipe needs replacing
Water pipe issue
Toilet is leaking
Heating isn't working
Thermostat needs installing
Carbon monoxide alarm needs replacing
Carbon monoxide alarm needs installing
Smoke alarm needs replacing
General smoke alarm issue
Smoke alarm needs installing
Smoke alarm isn't working
Smoke alarm keeps going off
Toilet handle broken
Pop up plug is broken
Toilet seat broken
Gas hob needs installing
Gas hob needs replacing
Tap is difficult to use
Tap is running slowly
No water coming from taps
Water filter needs replacing
Water filter needs moving
Stopcock issue
Low water pressure throughout property
General stopcock issue
Macerator has stopped working
Radiator need installing
Flush is broken
Radiator valves need replacing
General radiator issue
Radiator needs removing
Radiator only heating up at the top
Towel rail needs installing
Radiator needs replacing
Radiator needs moving
Radiator only heating up at the bottom
Towel radiator needs repairing
Storage heater needs installing
Storage heater needs removing
Storage heater needs replacing
Immersion heater needs replacing
Dimmer switch needs replacing
Dimmer switch needs installing
Light switch isn't working
General light switch issue
Light switch needs replacing
Light switch needs installing
Light needs removing
Outdoor light isn't working
Ceiling light needs replacing
Ceiling light needs installing
Outdoor light needs installing
General ceiling light
Light needs rewiring
Security light needs removing
General outdoor light issue
Outdoor light needs replacing
Outdoor socket needs replacing
Outdoor socket isn't working
Outdoor/security lights need rewiring
General outside tap issue
General external drain job
External security lights needs removing
External security lights needs replacing
External security lights needs installing
Fuse box is tripping
Fuse box needs replacing
General fuse box issue
Fuse box needs installing
Fuse spur needs installing
Toilet is filling continuously
Toilet needs replacing
Toilet needs installing
Toilet isn't flushing properly
Toilet cistern is noisy
Toilet cistern is loose
Extractor isn't working
Extractor fan needs replacing
Extractor needs replacing
Extractor needs installing
General extractor issue
Water filter needs installing
Water filter needs removing
General bath issue
Bath needs replacing
Bath needs removing
Bath is draining slowly
Bath screen needs installing
Socket needs rewiring
Light need rewiring
Thermostat isn't working
Toilet seat is broken
Tap not working
General thermostat issue
General sink issue
I have items that need moving
I need to move house
I would like my house cleaned
I need my carpets cleaned
I need an after-builders clean
I need a post-tenancy clean
I need to book a deep clean
I need some redecoration work
I need some painting and decorating done
I need some tiling done
I need some grouting done
General Handyman repairs
General Handyman tasks
Laminate floor installation
Wooden floor installation
Flat-pack Furniture assembly
TV Installation
Door lock replacement
Internal door replacement
I need some jet washing
I need blinds fitted
I need shelves fitted
I need some pictures fitted
I need garden fence repair
I need bathroom accessories to be fitted
Internal door adjustement
I need plaster some walls
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PLU03:: Plumber Sat/Sun (6pm-8am)
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We’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s most ethical firms!

We’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s most ethical firms!

Spring usually heralds the season of change: leaves begin to return to the trees, lambs are born, and the days get longer while the nights get shorter. However, here at The Better Home Company, we’ve recently been recognised for staying the same. 

Now, you may think this is a bad thing, as change means progress, but in this instance, keeping the status quo is a success.

You see, The Better Home Company was founded on the basis of bringing transparency, integrity and consistent high standards into the Home Services sector, and we’ve received recognition for that once again.

Obviously we have 100s of 5 star reviews from satisfied customers, we have our 12-month "No Quibble" guarantee, and we’re Which recommended, but these are stories for another day. What we want to share with you today is that we are now a proud member of the Good Business Charter.

What is the Good Business Charter?

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is an accreditation which recognises responsible business practices. And in order to get this accreditation an organisation must meet all of the GBC’s 10 components. As such, not every organisation will be able to qualify for GBC status. Which means we’re in elite company with the likes of, TSB, Unilever, and London City Airport!

Effectively, being accredited by the GBC is a signpost to customers that an organisation is ethical in their behaviour and values.

What are the 10 Components an organisation must meet to get GBC Accreditation?

Those 10 components are best shown in this picture below. Basically, everything you’d want from how an organisation should behave.

Why have we signed up to be GBC accredited?

That’s actually really simple. 

All of our beliefs of how to conduct ourselves are in-line with the GBC’s. And all of our foundations are built on a dedication to always operating in a responsible and respectable manner. So it was an easy decision for us to commit publicly to the high ethical standards of the GBC. Because when an independent not-for-profit organisation supported by the TUC wants to recognise ethical companies, there’s only one thing on our minds: apply to be recognised.

What does this mean for you?

Well, dear customer, it actually means a lot to you. So let me count the ways this benefits you.

Firstly, you know we’re an ethical employer. And while that might not mean too much for you in the grand scheme of things, it does mean that you’re much more likely to get a quality job done through ourselves than through someone else.

That’s because study after study has shown that when employees are treated well they produce better quality work. So that means when you hire us for a job, you can be confident it’ll be done to the highest quality at the first attempt.

Secondly, you can be confident of our commitment to you (if this was ever in any doubt). As mentioned above, we’re Which Recommended, have 100s of 5 star reviews, and offer a “No-Quibble” 12-month guarantee, but we’ve now publicly pledged our commitment to our customers - and been recognised for it.

We pride ourselves on doing a great job for you, and we want you to know it.

Finally, in this time of the Climate Crisis, we have publicly committed to a policy of limiting our impact on the environment. 

Again, like with our commitment to our customers, this commitment to the environment was already in place, but we’ve publicly reaffirmed it and been recognised for it. In fact, we’re a Climate Positive organisation. So you can be sure that choosing us for your work around the home won’t cost the earth. And it won’t cost your children the earth either.


We’re proud to be an ethical organisation with commitments to the things that really matter. We’re committed to our staff, to our suppliers, to the environment, and to our customers. We’re committed to doing the best job for all parties concerned. And we want everyone to know it. 

Moreover, we’re delighted to have been recognised for it. Especially, as we’re in such elite company. 

It’s just one more reason to choose us for your projects at home. So contact us now for a free no-obligation quote. We offer extremely competitive prices as well as courteous and professional workers who'll do a great job to your full satisfaction and clean up after themselves too.

So make sure to give us a call today.



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